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Stuff the Time Lord Said

I'm 21+. Straight. Male person. Interested in many different things. Will write a lot occasionally and not a porn blog...

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Oct 1 '14

My kid sister just walked into the room, I asked what did she want, she said something about a blanket and then asked me what I wanted. I answered with, “a girlfriend”…

She walked out of the room laughing.

The fuck, yo?….

Sep 24 '14

Hurray!! is going Mew is going on tour!!!


Way across on the other side of the PLANET!!!



Sep 16 '14
"Act natural"

"Act natural"

Aug 17 '14

I’m replaying FFXIII from the beginning and I’ve forgotten how much I enjoy this game. I ton of people hate this game but I really like it and the world and the characters (minus Hope, annoying prick). I never played the sequels to it so when I’m done with this game, I’m going to be picking up them up.

I held back on buying them because deep down I am hoping that they would release a trilogy box set or something but who knows when that will happen, if ever.

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Aug 16 '14
Went to the beach the other day with a friend. Here’s my dumb face.

Went to the beach the other day with a friend. Here’s my dumb face.

Aug 1 '14

I actually made a fucking 3DS collection video today (because I felt like it) and just finally got done editing it. It is converting right now and all I’m thinking is, who the fuck is going to watch this 38 minute video about some nobody’s games?

The video is kinda shitty but I don’t care. I’ve been wanting to make this thing for a while and actually went through with it. I should be able to upload it sometime in the near future (because my internet sucks) but when it’s finally up, I just hope at least 2 people who aren’t me or my friends watch it.

Jul 30 '14
Here’s a photo I took at the OC fair on Sunday.

Here’s a photo I took at the OC fair on Sunday.

Jul 30 '14

Whoa, I actually made it to 250 followers? That’s not a huge amount but for a boring male person, that’s pretty nice. Just 50 more followers and I’ll probably most definitely likely do a giveaway of something.

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Jul 24 '14

I dig you. I just want you to dig me back.

Jul 18 '14

Guess what you guys…I injured my left elbow and arm and my left knee today. Arm/elbow is fine but it hurts to walk and bending my knee results in pain. Knowing me, this will take a month for the pain to go away. And I had just started getting slightly better from a fever…darn.

Tags: personal post