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Stuff the Time Lord Said

I'm 21+. Straight. Male person. Interested in many different things. Will write a lot occasionally and not a porn blog...

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Jul 24 '14

I dig you. I just want you to dig me back.

Jul 18 '14

Guess what you guys…I injured my left elbow and arm and my left knee today. Arm/elbow is fine but it hurts to walk and bending my knee results in pain. Knowing me, this will take a month for the pain to go away. And I had just started getting slightly better from a fever…darn.

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Jul 18 '14

I’m eating a bowl of chicken salad and watching Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2…don’t judge me.

Jul 16 '14

Dear Honda, help me find the girl of my dreams!

Jul 9 '14

I miss you tumblr. Ended up with a fever when I came back home after AX. Not gonna blame anyone (you know who you are) but this sickness sucks.

Jul 4 '14

Forgot my music box. So now I’m standing in line for a good hour listening to the only song I have in my phone (Go by Grimes). Not too much complaint though. It’s a great song.

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Jun 18 '14

Am I the only person out there who is trying to get his/her bartending license who doesn’t actually drink any alcohol?

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Jun 17 '14
Here people. Have a selfie from Sunday.

Here people. Have a selfie from Sunday.

Jun 14 '14

I seriously need a concert buddy. I’ve been wanting to see Chvrches for so damn long and my friend is usually working or busy or broke lol. I just really really want to go see them :/

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Jun 5 '14

I bought a game this week called Yumi’s Odd Odyssey from the 3DS eShop. It’s a sequel to Umihara Kawase, a puzzle platformer game that was released on the Famicom. It never arrived here in the States but I was able to play it and it became one of my favorite games. It’s really challenging to the point where I cursed at the screen a little too much.


The 3DS one is really fun as well and it continues to be that hard as fuck game that I fondly enjoy. And I’m not sure if it’s just me but this new one doesn’t feel as hard as the original. Not complaining though. At least I can make it further in this one.

So, yeah. If any of you have a 3DS, enjoy puzzles, platformers, hard difficulty, and weirdness (believe me, this game is really weird when you try to explain how it looks), then I say pick it up before June 15 because until then, the game is only $19.99. After that the price goes back to $29.99.

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